Twinkle – Native Courting & Buddy Search 161 APK

Twinkle Local Dating Friend Search 161 APK

Twinkle – Local Dating & Friend Search 161 APK – Tired of swiping in dating apps? Twinkle helps you connect with people you’re interested in faster. We created a point-based matching game and combined it with powerful search settings. All users you see will be near your present location based on your desired radius. Plus, you’ll be able to see who liked you. Isn’t that only fair?

Here’s how it works. In the Match game, you will receive users who satisfy your search settings. Use the match points to send a Like; or save your points for someone else. After you send a Like, your crush will be notified, and can connect with you. Please note, you must create a connection by sending Likes before you can message anyone. Want to encourage your crush to like you? Write a Shout and it will be shown with your profile when your crush sees you.

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Search more, swipe less
We all have our preferences. Just give us yours, and we’ll only show you people who match pretty well. Use your points more effectively, and save yourself time.

Share your intent
Make it obvious that you’re looking for a long-term connection, casual dating, or something else. Plus, filter other people based on their intent.

Stand out, write a shout
See someone you really like? Write them a short message (called a shout) that will appear when they see your photo or profile. Prove that you’ve read their profile, say why you’re a good match, or send your best pickup line.

See who has liked you
We understand that you want to know how many people are waiting for you to decide yes or no. So we not only show you how many you have, we also show who they are. See someone you like in your Prospect list but don’t want to wait until they appear in your match game? Use Instant Match to connect with them right away.

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No subscriptions
Use our special Stars to access premium features in Twinkle. We have no recurring monthly charges. Spend as much or as little as you like — as little as one dollar (USD).

Are these profiles even active?
Are you sick of your dating apps not showing you when their users were last on the app? We hear you! So you’ll see, on each profile, the online indicator telling you roughly when they were last on Twinkle.

Look beyond photos
We don’t emphasize the main photo on profiles. The photos take up less than half of the profile screen. Just tap on one to open it fullscreen. Make better choices by looking beyond pictures. Instead, consider adding interests to your profile, and view the interests of your potential match.

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Twinkle. Search the stars, find someone you like.
We made some small user experience tweaks for our big launch In Canada. That’s right – Twinkle is launching in Canada! 🇨🇦

APK Version:  161

Requires OS: Android 5.0+


Twinkle – Local Dating & Friend Search 161 screenshots n 1Twinkle – Local Dating & Friend Search 161 screenshots n 2Twinkle – Local Dating & Friend Search 161 screenshots n 3


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